Laughter yoga leader certification


You Will Learn:

  1. The physical, mental and emotional benefits of laughter
  2. How to laugh without humour, and how to teach others to do so
  3. The history of Laughter Yoga
  4. How to start and run laughter club
  5. How to market your services
  6. Techniques for special groups ( children, seniors and more)
  7. Laughter boosting techniques
  8. How to laugh alone

It will be of special interest to:

  1. Yoga and fitness teachers
  2. HR and management training professionals
  3. Health care professionals
  4. Teachers and sports coaches
  5. Psychologists and psychiatrists
  6. Entertainment professionals
  7. Senior care workers
  8. Marriage and family therapists
  9. Life coaches and alternative therapists
  10. Sales managers
  11. Tourism professionals & tour guides



Anju Shahani, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher conducted first ever English Laughter Yoga Leader’s training in Kuwait City in April 2014 with 14 participants at the Movenpick Albeda Hotels and Resorts.

Certified Laughter Leaders in Kuwait city with 22 participants at the Movenpick hotel and resorts Albida.

Second Certified Laughter Leaders training in English took place in May 2014 with 8 participants at the Radisson SAS Kuwait City.


" Would like to thank you for a great Laughter Yoga session, it was truly an amazing experience and all attendees enjoyed every bit of it. The feedback came back very positive and the team not only enjoyed the session but also learned a very important new lesson as to how important it is to laugh. This was our first meeting but will surely not be the last."
Khaled Kassem