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Introduction to Anju Shahani

Welcome to my laughter yoga journey!

I’m Anju Shahani, a passionate laughter yoga expert based in Dubai. With years of experience, I’ve seen the transformative power of laughter yoga in boosting wellness, reducing stress, and enhancing productivity. Whether you’re seeking personal joy or a corporate wellness solution, I’m here to guide you.

Let’s laugh together and discover a happier, healthier you!

Corporate Seminars

Introductory Experiential Seminar

Duration: 60-90 Minutes
Target Audience: Managers, executives and staff at all levels
Group size: 20 – 120 members. 

This 90 minute seminar will entail the following:

  • History, concept and philosophy of Laughter Yoga. 
  • An audiovisual presentation about international Laughter Yoga clubs, scientific   research on Laughter Yoga and news clips. 
  • Laughter Yoga session followed by laughter meditation and guided relaxation. 
  • Corporate benefits of Laughter Yoga along with health benefits and how one can add more laughter in their personal life, business life and social life.

Laughter Yoga for Corporate

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, maintaining employee wellness and boosting productivity are more important than ever. I specialize in providing tailored laughter yoga sessions designed to meet the unique needs of corporate environments.

Why Laughter Yoga for Your Team?

Boost Employee Productivity

Laughter yoga is a powerful tool for increasing workplace efficiency. By incorporating regular sessions, employees experience improved focus, enhanced creativity, and higher energy levels.

Enhance Workplace Well-being

Our corporate wellness programs promote overall health, reducing stress and preventing burnout. Laughter yoga fosters a supportive and positive work culture, leading to happier, healthier employees.

Effective Team Building

Strengthen your team's bond through shared laughter. Our sessions encourage communication, collaboration, and mutual understanding, resulting in a more cohesive and productive team.


Stress is a common issue in the workplace. Laughter yoga provides an excellent outlet for stress relief, helping employees to relax and rejuvenate. This practice leads to better mental health and a more harmonious work environment.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are more motivated and committed. Our laughter yoga workshops are interactive and fun, keeping employees engaged and invested in their well-being.

12+ Years in Business Corporate Benefits of

By introducing Laughter Yoga sessions for all every staff, companies have reported happier workplaces, increased efficiency, better communication, increase in sales and productivity, increased creativity and better teamwork, decrease in illness and absenteeism and a reduction in employee turnover.

What I Offer


We understand that every organization is unique. Our laughter yoga sessions are tailored to fit your company’s specific needs and goals, ensuring maximum impact.

Workplace Wellness Programs

We offer comprehensive wellness programs that integrate laughter yoga with other health initiatives to create a holistic approach to employee wellness.


Enhance your corporate retreats with our laughter yoga sessions, providing a refreshing break that rejuvenates and inspires your team.

On-site and Virtual Options

Whether you prefer in-person sessions at your office or virtual workshops that connect your team remotely, we offer flexible options to suit your convenience.

Client testimonials


“Invest in your team’s well-being and watch your productivity soar. Contact Me today to learn more about how Laughter Yoga can transform your corporate environment!”