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The benefits of laughing in yoga have evolved into the benefits of a growing and flourishing business. Workplaces all over the world are introducing laughter yoga to their employees because it has effective elements for team building and stress management that promote employee wellness. 

When you laugh, the old air you exhale helps your body rid itself of toxins and stress. More oxygen and nutrients that support the body’s and your brain’s functions are present in the fresh breath you take. You will experience an increase in energy and a strengthened immune system. In turn, this increases workplace productivity and toughness.

Anju Shahani offers corporate health and wellness programs that use laughter yoga tools and techniques to provide businesses and organizations with strong, cutting-edge operational benefits.

  1. Promotion of mental health at work

Laughter is an effective stress reliever. Using humor as a tool to support mental health at work is possible. Laughter spreads like wildfire and helps you open your heart to receiving as well as giving. When things are going well and you’re feeling good, it’s easy to laugh. However, you might not want to laugh at all if you’re under stress or going through a challenging time in your life. You can access this innate ability that is still present in all of us by making more room in your life for grinning and laughing. A good laugh can improve mental health by releasing tension and suppressed emotions. Laughing makes it easier to stay in the present. You cannot worry about yesterday or consider tomorrow when you are laughing.

  1. Fostering teamwork in the workplace

Laughter facilitates improved communication by removing obstacles. Whether it be with friends, family, loved ones, or coworkers, you can overcome many obstacles in life more easily if you take a step back and find a way to laugh.

Laughter therapy is a therapeutic and enjoyable way for individuals and groups to relieve stress, which can have a positive effect on one’s health and other aspects of one’s life. Laughter capacity is comparable to muscle. It strengthens with use. Even if you haven’t had the urge to smile or laugh in a while, laughter yoga can support your ability to do so more frequently and spontaneously.

  1. Laughter serves as a strong unifying force.

When people laugh together, they are all equal. There is a breakdown of barriers, and communication is enhanced. No matter what position or title someone holds within the organization, Hence, you can start by fostering a fun environment at work. This suggests that everyone should have the opportunity to laugh together, rather than that you should always be cracking jokes. 

For instance, you could inject some humor into meetings by inviting participants to share amusing anecdotes about their own lives or jobs.

  1. Promotes Employee Stability 

Laughter increases endorphin levels, strengthens the immune system, and reduces stress, tension, and anxiety. This type of exercise enhances blood oxygenation and circulation. Laughter is regarded as an internal jog because it gives the digestive tract a wonderful massage and improves blood flow to the kidneys, liver, pancreas, spleen, and adrenal glands. Employees who feel cared for and valued are more likely to stay at their jobs longer, take fewer sick days, and be more committed to their employers.

So, if you are a company looking to promote employee wellness, you know where to look.

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